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Awesome sound

iShred is all about using the highest quality sound ... and letting you morph, warp and distort it to your hearts content using eight stompbox iPhone guitar effects.

Comfy control

No chord fingering contortions required! Tap a button and the chord or fretboard is there, ready to strum or pick.

Your 15 minutes

iShred has powered the biggest iPhone musicians and bands. Are you next? See iShred in action.

To the clouds

Built in network backup means you can avert disaster as well as share your songs with bandmates and friends.

好软件   酸角 - China   5 stars


Best app   sirah - United States   5 stars

Finally an alternative to playing air guitar in front of the mirror.

Best App   Vip23 - Switzerland   5 stars

Super App mach viel freude dazu zum üben und neue griffe lernen hammer, plus online songs loaden:) dafür würde ich auch mehr zahlen!

Strummin'   Hector - United Kingdom   5 stars

Soooooo much more fun than Guitar Hero. Real songs, real chords, real licks. Lovin' it.

Outstanding   Wayno800 - United States   5 stars

By far the best guitar app I have ever seen..well worth the price!!

Super!   Stefan - Germany   5 stars

Die Gitarre für die Tasche! Macht viel Spaß :)

オススメ   stlll - Japan   5 stars

他のギターアプリに比べて格段に弾きやすい! ふと思いついた曲にコードをつけるときなんかすごく便利です。音楽やってる方にもこれはオススメです!

A must for all guitarists   Sizzilla - United States   5 stars

If you are a fan of Guitar by frontier then don't even think twice before buying. Absolutely worth every penny!

I can play a guitar YAY!!!   MgdmGdmgD - United States   5 stars

So my friends and I and our kids are going camping. We left the real guitars at home but we are all bringing our iPhones and well our guitars are just much more space efficient. They fit in our pockets. :-D

Caspita   Fedetehk - Italy   5 stars

Ho capito solo ora come inserire nuove canzoni e scegliere le corde!!! Fantastica!

GREAT!   Darth Chaos - United States   5 stars

This is among my top ten apps. I love how you can create your own works (or renditions of popular songs) and upload them via AirPlay.

iShred   Rimor69 - Canada   5 stars

Best 5 bucks I ever spent!

Best guitar app   Gpvoiceactor - Canada   5 stars

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of features and the quality of sounds. Easily one of the best guitar apps in the app store. A must have for guitar lovers!

WowZa Wowza   Alan D - United Kingdom   5 stars

It's ridiculously great value for money. It's got me shakin and a movin ... Pickin and a groovin !!! I love it.

Очень доволен   Terbiyarchitectuvarium - Russia   5 stars

Особенно нравится Air Play:) Множество интересного! Прога действительно что надо!

Shred   Jaxziel - United States   5 stars

Luv it. Keeps me busy when not workin on my main axe , sax and boards. Always wanted to be a guit player but never made the grade till this app. Thanks crew for your efforts

Demasiado bueno!   Kilo80380 - Peru   5 stars

Esta app a sido la mejor guitarra para iphone que e tenido!! Esto si vale la pena comprar

Amazing   jjw14 - United States   5 stars

High end technology for peanuts. Don't know how they do it. Stellar guitar app.

Wie   Zero01 - Germany   5 stars

Beste Gitarren app im Store , absolute kaufempfehlung ist jeden Cent wert

Cool   myungz - Thailand   5 stars

Best guitar app.

  MacWorld   5 stars

Of all the guitar apps available on the App Store, Frontier Design's iShred is my favorite.

WOW!!!   Musical309 - United States   5 stars

2.0 Earthquake update. Thanks!!!!!

Εξαιρετικό εργαλείο μουσικής   Dimitris V - Greece   5 stars

Φοβερός ηχος πολυ ωραίες δυνατότητες κυρίως για ζωντανή ηχογράφηση αλλα και εκπληκτική ιδέα για την χρήση του τηλεφώνου για ζωντανό παιξιμο

非常好!   冷炙 - China   5 stars


The Quintessential Guitar App   TouchMyApps   5 stars

By the first strum, you realize that iShred is a virtual guitar like no other - it is in fact the tool for ultimate guitar supremacy on an MP4 player scale.

Recomendo   Eduardo - Brazil   5 stars

Divertido e muito fácil de usar.

iShred!   Fardin - Germany   5 stars

Einfach Suberb! Macht richtig Spaß!

Класс!!!   WolfHan - Russia   5 stars

Отличная программа!!!

Ótimo   Lukinha - Brazil   5 stars

Perfeito para quem quer passar o tempo e se divertir um pouco, melhor ainda para quem sabe tocar guitarra ou violão.

Custom Chords!   Patrick - United States   5 stars

You can actually play with this app! Plus you van build any weird custom chord you need = Home Run!!!

Born to rock

iShred sends the highest quality guitar sounds through a bank of crazily configurable stomp box effects, rendering the result into screaming, distorted, wailing, looping, feedback-fueled audible gold! Whether you want a clean trebly surf sound, a spacey rock lead, or an all-out metal assault, iShred delivers the goods.

Anyone can play

Are you a total guitar newbie? Hey, no music experience required to enjoy this sound laboratory: starter songs are included. The serious six-string guru will love the convenience of this portable music notepad and the crazy effects playground. Easy to use, awesome sound, and it's always with you wherever and whenever inspiration strikes!

Power chords

iShred provides a playing interface that's powerful and easy to learn. Create your songs from a huge library of over 2000 built-in chords, scales, and fret positions. Or create your own custom chords and tunings. Buttons provide immediate access to all the chords and scales you need for a song, making it easy to switch between strumming chords and playing melodies.

A world of music

Looking for inspiration or just psyched to have others hear your god-like riffs? iShred features AirPlay with over four thousand shared songs from around the world. Sit back and listen or download songs to learn. Or upload your own creations to AirPlay and let the world listen and rate it.