iShred in Action

  • Atomic Tom

    A little live music on the subway with Atomic Tom and iShred

  • PixieTea

    iShred and others in this cute little stop motion animated song

  • inrockK

    One of our favorite iOS musicians

  • inrockK

    inrockK takes on the classic, Stairway to Heaven, using iOS devices

  • inrockK

    One more from inrockK as he takes on the Starcraft Terran theme music with iOS apps

  • chuuta2003

    Using iShred to let it out in a big, bluesy way

  • iLanSipo

    An all-iPhone creation by illan and Sipo

  • he19402

    Message in a Bottle on iShred

  • free1925528

    iShred covering Green Day's 21 Guns

  • Chevrolet

    The Cheverolet band does a live performance at the 2011 Detroit Auto show

  • Feel About

    The band FeelAbout performs iShred at their live gig

  • koyamatsuo

    iShred joins this iPhone Band

  • jetdaisuke

    Rocking Pachebel!

  • Demo

    Sunshine of your Love

  • Demo

    Message In A Bottle

  • Demo

    Just Got To Be

  • Demo

    Seven Nation Army

  • Demo


  • Demo

    Wild Thing

  • Demo


  • Demo

    Highway To Hell

iShred's AirPlay Charts

iShred Top Songs This Month

NOTE: This Month's Top songs have had at least 5 votes.

iShred Top 20 Songs of All Time
FarizHkmStairway Part 15.00
ju-nyaRadical Dreamers4.95
OTOGUSU GUITARstretch014.80
heykelChaterSmoke On The Water4.75
jay3610Don't Cry4.74
fecskaAcdc Hells Bells4.71
pro manslayerCanon in D24.69
id3654enter sandman4.68
mostriderMatters solo4.68

NOTE: All Time Top 20 songs have had at least 10 people vote for them.