Tango24 Quote

“I just installed a Dakota & Tango24 combo last week. Installation was a breeze. The ASIO2 driver seems rock solid - 12ms latency. Tango24 converters are a step up from the Yamaha. So far I am very pleased.”

Dan, on rec.audio.pro

Quick Facts

  • 8 analog outputs and 8 analog inputs
  • Balanced audio I/O on professional 1/4" TRS jacks
  • +4dBu or -10dBV levels, selectable per channel
  • Level meters selectable to inputs or outputs
  • ADAT optical in/out/thru
  • Internal (44.1 or 48 kHz) and external clock modes
  • Word-clock in/out
  • Rugged 1U rackmount enclosure

24 to Tango

If you're frustrated with the poor audio quality found in typical computer sound cards, you're not alone. Even the best cards, with good components and circuits, are not immune from the noise sources found in PCs, since their digital audio converters are integrated in the card.

For an external A/D-D/A with incredible 24-bit sonic performance, plenty of inputs and outputs, +4dBu balanced I/O and ADAT lightpipe compatibility, look no further than Tango24 by Frontier Design Group.

Analog and digital I/O for computer audio and more

Tango24 is the perfect interface tool for your favorite digital audio software when used along with Dakota or WaveCenter/PCI, our acclaimed digital I/O and MIDI PCI cards. Because it has ADAT digital I/O, Tango24 gives you instant compatibility with a wide variety of great gear from a slew of manufacturers. You'll find ADAT I/O on digital tape machines, sound cards, digital mixers, signal processors, and more. Looking for a quick way to improve the sound of your old ADAT? The 24-bit converters on Tango24 will show a marked improvement over the 16-bit converters on older ADAT machines.

With complete electrical isolation from your workstation, Tango24's ADAT digital I/O ensures that PC-generated noises which pervade other systems can't get near your sensitive audio signals. The result: incredibly low noise, smooth sound, and complete freedom from pops and clicks. Plus, Tango24 gives you its great performance at an impressively affordable cost.

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