Montana Quote

“The Frontier Design Dakota/Montana combination is a very powerful and reliable I/O system.”

Lorenz Rychner, Recording

Quick Facts

  • 2 ADAT optical inputs
    (16 additional channels)
  • 2 ADAT optical outputs
    (16 additional channels)
  • Input for video sync or word clock (adapter included for RCA or BNC input), audio can directly lock to NTSC or PAL video at standard frame rates
  • ADAT 9-pin sync output
  • Includes internal cable for connection to Dakota
  • Dual-slot layout allows installation in either a PCI or ISA computer slot

Expanding to Montana

If you want to powerfully and affordably double the inputs and outputs of the Dakota system, here's your solution. Add a Montana card and you'll have a mind-blowing 32 inputs and 32 outputs of ADAT Optical I/O with your computer.

Professional Sync Features

With Montana, the Dakota gets additional synchronization features normally found in expensive external hardware boxes. An RCA input synchronizes the computer to an external video signal (NTSC or PAL) or to an external audio word clock. Video sync can also come from an internal header, for direct connection to a digital video board. Montana also has an ADAT 9-pin sync output.

Easy Fit

For maximum flexibility, Montana features a dual-slot layout so it can be installed in either a PCI or ISA slot next to Dakota. Compatible in both Mac and PC and with most popular audio applications, Montana lets you take advantage of the expansion power of Dakota.

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