Topic: Is this thing dead?

Have about a 4 year old Tranzport running V. 1.4.2 and using Logic 9, Pro Tools 8, Reason 5, and Ableton Live 8.  Picked up my Tranzport to do some tracking today and it was dead.  Replaced the batteries got it to work for about 30 seconds then it died again.  No Link light and nothing when I pushed the Battery button.  Replaced those batteries with 4 from a different pack and the exact same thing happened.  Does it sound like my faithful Tranzport is dead?

Re: Is this thing dead?

Hi Hatdaddy,

If the battery button doesn't register anything on the LCD screen and there's no link LED it sounds like your TranzPort isn't getting any power.  Since it worked for 30 seconds I wouldn't say that the TranzPort is "dead", instead it sounds like there may be some fit issues with the batteries not making proper contact with the metal plate and metal spring.  If you can ensure the batteries are making contact with the plate and spring (by using your fingers to make sure) and your still having problems then I suggest sending it in for repair.  But it sure sounds like the batteries aren't making good contact.

If you would like to send it in for repair you can contact for an RMA number