When is the update? Many are still waiting. I can not get all the performance Cubase 6 because of my AlphaTrack, not working in 64 bit mode in OSX.
It's a shame to think that I bought a device obsolete!

Hopefully soon. Thank you very much for your response and good service.

We are anxiously awaiting.

I have not explained well:

- In Cubase 6 to 64 bit, OSX 10.6.6, the AlphaTrack not appear on devices after installing all the files properly.
- Starting Cubase 6 in 32 bit mode, and with the same configuration, it appears AlphaTrack and works well, only to crash when closing Cubase.

We expect a solution to use it without problems in any way.

Help! My AlphaTrack has stopped working when upgrading to Cubase 6, not on the list of available devices after reviewing several times that the files were installed correctly. I hope you give us a solution ASAP, I can not work without my AlphaTrack and bought it 6 months ago.

MacPro 8 core 2,4Ghz, Mac OSX Snow Leopard, Cubase 6 64bit, Frontier Alphatrack