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Just wanted to close out the topic.  I did upgrade to SONAR STUDIO (not HOME) 8.0 and it appears everything is working.  I haven't put it through it's paces yet, but so far everything seems to be working as expected.

In talking with SONAR, it seems that the Home Studio is a "very different" product and has never been thoroughly tested (or supported) on Windows Vista 64.

I do appreciate the support and quick responses on this forum and look forward to using it.



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No, I am using SONAR 64 Bit (Home Studio 7.01) on a 64 bit computer (VISTA Home Premium).  I am going to try and upgrade to 8.0 Studio which cakewalk says "should" behave better with the drivers etc...

It seems to install ok, I just cannot get the settings to stick.  I also have reaper and it seems to work fine within that application.

So any help on getting SONAR to accept the settings or manually setting up the setting in ACT (Which is what sonar recommends).  However if I set it up manually, how do I get the track names, mute solo and the drag strip at the bottom to all work?

Like I said, I think this is a cakewalk issue but have really not gotten them to even admit there is a problem at this point...  I will try the 32 bit plugin and see if I can get that funtional?



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I am running SONAR 7.01 64bit on a Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit system.  I have installed alphatrack vers 1.2.0.  The applet starts up and indicates AlphaTrack Native.  The dll's are where they are supposed to be.  I start up SONAR and it asks for MIDI inputs.  I select the Alphatrack both for Input and Ouput.  I go to Options/Controller Surfaces and that brings up the add controller dialog.  I select Frontier AlphaTrack as the controller and set the input/output to alphatrack as well.  I close the dialog box but when I open it again the choices are wiped out.  The settings won't stick.

I saw one other post on this and the advice was to call SONAR Support as it looked like a SONAR issue.  Unfortunately, having just had a discussion with them, they will not own it.  The tech's advice was to add a ACT/MIDI controller, which did work and the settings did stick.  HOWEVER, everything has to be set up by hand, which quite frankly at this point I am willing to do.  So my questions...

1) I have seen posts regarding 32 installation.  Is there anything special I should be doing in this 64 bit environment?
2) In lieu of some real technical guidance from SONAR, would you have advice on how to set the slider and/or trackstrip at the bottom of the alphatrack so I can at least use it?

I appreciate any advice/guidance you give me...


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I am having two problems with setting up alphatrack with Reason 2.55.

The first is when I use the transport bar (at the bottom) of the alphatrack.  Instead of advancing the measures it is having a zoom/shrink effect.  I have opened navigator and made sure it has the focus but has the same effect.  I am sure it is end user error...

Secondly how do you assign the AlphaTrack shortcut to the keyboard shortcut.  The available documentation from AlphaTrack is for version 2.0 and doesn't follow.  I create a new shortcut but I don't see an action area anywhere that is referred to in the documentation.

I am sure both r/t to me being a NEWB, but we all have to be sometimes...  thanks for any assitance