i did not recognize that i have to switch on 'External Control' explicitly in the options menu, after activating the device in the MIDI and EXTERNAL CONTROL tabs in the preferences i was sure that this was enough...well I was wrong and now the Tranzport works as it should. Thanks for reading.


i'm just trying out Tranzport for the first time but it doesn't seem to work as the transport controls on Tranzport don't affect the play head or any other button doesn't do any reaction on the screen. for example SHIFT+LEFT-TRACK doesn't open a new track.

I installed TranzPort_Win_Beta_1.4.4.exe on a Windows Vista 64 SP2 Ultimate machine.
Tranzport has been recognized and the drivers have been installed with a success message.
I rebooted the computer.
I installed Tranzport in Sony Acid 7 Pro and Sony Vegas 8.1 under the MIDI and External Control tabs in the options as described in Tranzport's documentation for Acid and Vegas.
Native mode is checked under the icon in the taskbar.
The link led is lit but as it didn't work i tried to do a manual linking by pressing the button on the usb-part and by pressing SHIFT+BATTERY afterwards and it has linked again successfully.

What else is needed to get it working correctly ?