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thx a lot :-) yesterday it works with reason and my masterkeyboard works too...but first i disconnected my novation nocturn...maybe there is a problem with the midiports inside the system ?

i have the alphatrack, the nocturn and an esi midi 1/2 interface inside
reason said there is a midiport problem when all 3 controllers are connected... without the nocturn everything works :-o


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really really strange...
i formatting my computer and made everything new...and the same problem is there... nuendo and reason find the alphtrack..but it doesnt work... the fader flips everytime next to the mute button...and not normaly...he makes noise... rrrrrrrr flipinng fast on a point...
defect ? :-( after one week ? hmm....

hm now the menu works...but the alphatrack makes nothing in nuendo just if i move the fader in nuendos mixer...the alphatrack fader moves...but if i move the alphatrack fader... nothing happens...and after some seconds the fader flips back... and no buttons work...start stop break die F buttons nothing...
and my midi keyboard stops working too... said the midi port is not free... hmpf... plug and play not plug and do nothing :-(


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Central Scrutinizer wrote:

Hi acid-hamburg,

What kind of computer are you using? (laptop/desktop, pc/mac...etc)

What happens when you try to press shift+stop+f4? (recalibrate)

When your AlphaTrack is plugged in does the little AlphaTrack icon show up anywhere on your computer screen (top right/bottom right)?

Have you tried using the AlphaTrack on another computer to see if you get different results?



desktop windows 7 64 bit

nothing the fader dont move...when i stop pressing the buttons he goes to the same place in the middle next to the mute button

yeah the little icon is on the right side...

jeep yesterday... the fader dont move...and the menu dont work... 

is there any reset in the alphatrack ?! :-)

Hi :-)
since one week i have the alphatrack and first it works fine...

now i have the problem that the fader stayes everytime in the middle next to the mute button and i can't calibrate it same with LCD, light and sleep time... if i press shift and the stop button the menu comes in the screen but if i turn the potis...nothing change...

reason ? cant find it.. (2 days befor it works )
nuendo ? cant find it... same...2 days befor it works...

i installed it some times new...but everytime the same think...doesnt work... changed the usb port... (it direct in the computer) nothing change...

where is the problem ? :-/