Ok... everything is working fine now, all features working!

Downloaded & deinstalled and then re- installed the update, Tranzport Available in Manager, and I got most the buttons I use to work...

BUT: the "Track <>" buttons do not have any affect on the DAW.

LED shows the track activated in Logic Pro 9.1.1 (when song is opened in Logic Pro), but can't be changed from "Tranzport"...

if you chage the active track in Logic Pro, that track is modified by "Tranzport" buttons (is 'rec' "S' "M" arms the track correctly), but the "Tranzport" LED still refers to the previous track (that was originally activated, so "Tranzport is receiving the activation, but it is not registering on the Tranzport LED), and again the Transport 'track <>' bottons have no affect on the DAW.

Running : OSX 10.6.4 on a iMac 2.8 GHz IIntel Core i7 w/12 GB Ram.


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I'm using Tranzport on my Imac 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (Snow Leopard) with no problems.

Well, so far I have been recording, and using Tranzport as the controller, and I have had no problems in using it. I will certainly follow the advise given if I run into issues, but as of now, no problems for me.

Well I loaded the upgrade, and all seems to be working ok with my Tranzport unit. I will keep this track updated if any problems occur.

I have just acquired Logic Studio 9 (just released); downloading it now; has Tranzport been checked out on this new revision of Logic Pro 9? Are there any expected problems? Has anyone using Logic Pro 9 already had any issues?