CS - Thanks so much. Deleting the preference file in my Library, worked like a charm.

Hi, I think I may have changed a setting somewhere but I can't figure out where. Here's my problem:

* Tranzport was working fine. Pressing the stop button would stop the recording, and then pressing it again would rewind to the beginning. Also undo button was working fine, would undo the last recording, only.

* Something happened, I may have hit a combination of buttons at one point, by mistake. It seems like that was when it started. Now: Pressing stop button stops, and automatically rewinds to the beginning of the project. Undo button undos the last two recordings, instead of just the last one.

* Shift + Stop now stops the recording or playback without automatically rewinding. Still can't figure out why undo is still undoing two levels instead of one. Shift + undo didn't give any result.

I think there was a point where I hit a couple buttons at once. Is this a setting that I can fix?

I've tried uninstalling, then reinstalling the drivers, the latest version from the frontierdesign website, but it didn't solve the problem. I've also tried Rebuilding defaults in Logic > Preferences > Control Surfaces. I'm on Logic 8.0.2 on Mac OSX 10.4.11. Everything else works fine and the controller's stop and undo buttons used to work correctly.

Thanks for any help...