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I can't find a way, to control tempo. Has anyone found a possibility to control cubase 5.2. (winxp) making the sequenzer slower or faster with Tranzport while live perfomances or recordings?


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Hi Curtis,

I don't think this is possible.  Only certain button combinations are mappable in Cubase, not the datawheel.

I don't think I was able to find any tempo "nudge" functions in Cubase's key mappings so I could be wrong but I'm not sure this would be possible even if the datawheel were mappable in Cubase.


Re: Tempo control with cubase 5

Hello everyone I just joined this group... I have done my research and am planning to try the Tranzport unit out..I  found one used on ebay and bought it is being delivered as we speak.. I want to use it with Pro Tools 9 which I have installed on a Mac and its up and running... does anyone has any suggestions how best I might accomplish this task..what do I need top do first  thanks in advance .. I appreciate what ever suggestions you can share with me

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Hi sumonetoknow,

You should just need to install the latest TranzPort drivers off of our site:

(make sure the USB transceiver is unplugged before you install the drivers)

After the drivers are installed and you plug in the USB transceiver, a TranzPort icon should pop up on the top of your computer's screen, click on it and make sure that it's on 'HUI' mode.

Then when you launch ProTools you'll want to go to settings/peripherals/midi controllers and set the TYPE to 'HUI' and set the SEND TO and RECEIVE FROM fields both to 'AlphaTrack'.

And if you still need help you can come back here or email our support at