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Hello all,

Just got a Tranzport and I am *loving* it with Ableton 8.2.2!

Only issue is, when I scroll over to the Master track, it never displays the name of scene that I have given, it always displays Scene XX, where XX is the number of the scene.

According to the Tranzport documentation, I should be seeing the scene name I gave it, the track I am looking at displays fine.

Any insight?

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Re: Ableton Scene Names

Hi yetti78,

I recall there being a reason why it only prints the scene number but I can't remember off the top of my head.  In the documentation

"On all pages (see next section), Arrangement view displays the Track Name only, whereas Session view displays the
Track Name as well as the selected Scene Name on the top line of the LCD"

"Scene Name" may have just been a poor choice of words.  "Scene 1" is the "name" of the first scene on a track but it's not THE name.  I would have thought the same thing.


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