Topic: tranzport stopped working after cubase upgrade


I understand the unit has been discontinued (why? it's great) but hoping you will help me anyway.

Have been using my approx. 4 yr old unit in Cubase 4 on a Vista 32 bit machine sucessfully for several years, although recently the shift/set locator feature stopped working.

i recently upgraded to Cubase 6, and installed latest driver (1.5) and clicked cubase plugin as well.

Device shows up in taskbar (set to native) and is selectable under device setup in cubase. I added it and have the midi in and out set to "tranzport"

Doesn't work. transmitter will blink for about ten seconds if you hit the button, tranzport unit itself will light up if you hit a key but other than battery, nothing else functions.

Still have C4 installed and now it won't work there either.

I have tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling, but not sure i've done that correctly.

also, unit itself says ver 1.0 on display, not sure if that's now supposed to reflect the 1.5 i installed.

Any and all help appreciated. i love this unit and can't live without it!


Re: tranzport stopped working after cubase upgrade

Hi jh055,

The version on the TranzPort LCD is the firmware version which hasn't needed any updates since its release so the 1.00 version that you see is actually normal and on all TranzPorts.

It sounds like you've set everything up correctly in Cubase and with drivers. 

First, plug in the USB transceiver and confirm that the TranzPort manager's icon pops up on your computer screen.  That means the drivers have installed properly.

Next, you should check that the link LED on each device is lit solid.  If not, you'll want to try and manually bind the TranzPort to the receiver. You can do this by pressing shift+battery on the TranzPort remote, then, while the TranzPort LCD reads, "Binding...Please Wait" you'll want to press the button on the USB transceiver.

If the green link LED's don't light up at that point then it's possible that there's something wrong with either the USB transceiver or the TranzPort remote.

If you do the above and it doesn't bind, then you should send  an email and ask about sending it in for repair.


Re: tranzport stopped working after cubase upgrade

Thank you CS,

re-binding did the trick! Very happy to once again be using my device. Still have an issue though. Shift/in no longer sets the beginning (left) locator. This feature has been out of commission for several months, not related to my recent upgrade struggles.

Any thoughts on how to restore full functionality? (never noticed before, but it now says "all" in left corner when i hit the shift button).

Thank you again for the help and the quick response.


Re: tranzport stopped working after cubase upgrade

Hi jh055,

I noticed in your earlier post that you said you 'clicked' on Cubase plug-in.  This might be an older plug-in in the driver installer.  So you'll want to go here:

You'll want the "Cubase/Nuendo 32-bit Win Plug-in v1.0.7" if you're still using a 32-Bit Vista OS.  The TranzPortCN.dll file should go to C:/ProgramFiles/Steinberg/Cubase/Components

Place the TranzPortCN.dll file in the 'components' folder replacing the other one.  Then you might want to configure the TranzPort in Cubase again.  This should get that functionality back if the plug-in was at fault.


Re: tranzport stopped working after cubase upgrade

I have use my Frontier Tranzport for years with no problem on windows/cubase3.  I upgraded my Cubase 3 to 5 and my windows to Windows XP...service pack 2.  My Tranzport Link button is lit green and so it's the USB but nothing shows on the transport window except the battery life when I hit that button.  Do I need to upgrade my tranzport software?  When I go to Devices on my Cubase 5 I don't see Tranzport in there anywhere.  Help???

And by the way...I'm new to this do I write a new post?  Couldn't find it anywhere..that's why I replied to this post...sorry.

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