Topic: Shift buttons in x64 no longer works.

Anyone having problems with the shift button not working.  I am using Sonar 8.53 and  Sonar X1 in 64x mode, Windows 7 x64.  I Installed the Tranzport 1.5 x64 drivers and the shift buttons no long work.  Anyone know how to fix this.
Thanks,  Robert

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Re: Shift buttons in x64 no longer works.

Hi bharris99,

I suggest going to and download the program midi-ox.  Configure the TranzPort in options/midi devices (midi in and midi out should be set to 'TranzPort') and the buttons should register 'note on' and 'note off' messages in midi-ox's input window. 

If the shift button doesn't register like the other buttons then it means a hardware issue that needs repair.