Topic: Tranzport reset

Have used tranzport for over a year it suddenly stopped working. I uninstalled manager and re installed. I was able to assign some of the functions using Logic 9's "key assign window" but not all function will assign correctly. I would like to get the original functions which worked so well back again.

Re: Tranzport reset

Hi booboo studio,

Is your green link LED lit on each device?  If not, then there may be a hardware issue.  If you already are linked then try the following:

I would close Logic, go to your...

main drive/users/<your name> /Library/Preferences

and delete these three files:

Then relaunch Logic and see if that helps.


Re: Tranzport reset

thank you for your reply. I came to the same conclusion myself, for some strange reason when I used the uninstaller it did not remove all of those files. So I did it manually reloaded the driver and am back in buisness. I can't work without this product, it is awsome.