Topic: TranzPort Mac Installer v1.4.3 - Track Buttons Not working

Downloaded & deinstalled and then re- installed the update, Tranzport Available in Manager, and I got most the buttons I use to work...

BUT: the "Track <>" buttons do not have any affect on the DAW.

LED shows the track activated in Logic Pro 9.1.1 (when song is opened in Logic Pro), but can't be changed from "Tranzport"...

if you chage the active track in Logic Pro, that track is modified by "Tranzport" buttons (is 'rec' "S' "M" arms the track correctly), but the "Tranzport" LED still refers to the previous track (that was originally activated, so "Tranzport is receiving the activation, but it is not registering on the Tranzport LED), and again the Transport 'track <>' bottons have no affect on the DAW.

Running : OSX 10.6.4 on a iMac 2.8 GHz IIntel Core i7 w/12 GB Ram.

Re: TranzPort Mac Installer v1.4.3 - Track Buttons Not working

Hi rone_92026,

I'm not sure if I completely understand but if I'm not mistaken it sounds like the behavior you're describing is normal. This allows a TranzPort user and someone in front of a computer to make changes to separate tracks without conflicting too much.

The TranzPort won't change the 'active' track in Logic but it can grab the data (track name, whether it's solo'd, muted etc) from each track as it changes from track to track. You should see the track name change on the TranzPort's LCD screen as you press track<< and track>> on the TranzPort and you should see a narrow vertical white bar move on the Logic screen.

If it seems like your track<< and track>> buttons don't work at all I would suggest pressing shift+stop+battery to run some button tests.  When you get to a screen (on your TranzPort) with a bunch of characters on the top line of the LCD display press the track<< and track>> buttons and see if an asterisk (*) is placed under it's respective character.  Turn the encoder to reset the button press asterisks and try again.

Let me know if it sounds like I didn't understand your problem completely.


Re: TranzPort Mac Installer v1.4.3 - Track Buttons Not working

Ok... everything is working fine now, all features working!