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In 1919, Leo Theremin invented a musical instrument that astonished audiences with its strange sound and its astounding means of control: you played it simply by moving your hands in the air! With Theremin for the iPhone and iPod Touch, we’ve translated that classic sound and adapted it to use the iPhone’s advanced sensors. Rather than waving your hands, just twist and turn your phone to control pitch and vibrato. To change volume, slide a finger on the touchscreen. The synthesized theremin tone is accompanied by onscreen animations: an animated Leo moves his hands to follow your movements, while mathematical images rotate in the background.

Playing Theremin is easy: just rotate the phone clockwise for a higher pitch, or counter-clockwise for a lower pitch. To add vibrato, simply tilt the phone face-up or face-down.

You can use Theremin by itself, or play along with your favorite tunes! You can shape the sound through a variety of settings, including pitch range, waveform, and vibrato. Here are a few of Theremin’s features:

  • Waveform control: experiment with different tones by choosing sine, triangle, or square wave
  • Pitch range: choose a small range for finer pitch control, or a large range to get a full six-octave range.
  • Vibrato: choose the vibrato rate and maximum depth.
  • Graphics: the onscreen Theremin player tracks your movements, and optional Lissajous figure tracks pitch with its rotation speed.
  • Play solo, or accompany your favorite songs from the iPhone Music Player.

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