WaveCenterPCI Quote

“I just got my WaveCenter about 3 weeks ago, and I love it!!! Iím now beta testing Samplitude Studio 4.0 and manÖ you just canít beat having an ADAT teamed up with PC based hard disk editing!!!
Thanx guys!!!”

Brian Bang, owner of Sound Sensations Recording, Oregon

Quick Facts

  • Compatible with Mac or Windows
  • Works with most popular recording, editing and sequencing software via ASIO
  • GSIF support for GigaSampler and GigaStudio
  • Easy to install and use
  • 8-channel ADAT lightpipe input
  • 8-channel ADAT lightpipe output
  • 2-channel S/PDIF digital interface I/O
  • 2x2 MIDI interface

Click here for Current Versions

win Drivers

Previous WaveCenter/PCI Windows Driver win

v2.09 2000-08-04
wcp2_09.zip - 307KB
Includes ASIO 2.0 driver for use with Cubase VST, and GigaSampler Interface (GSIF) support.

Previous WaveCenter/PCI Windows WDM Driver (32-bit Windows) win

v3.02 2004-10-26
WcWdm3_02.zip - 414KB
For: Win98 SE, Win Me, Windows 2000, and Windows XP (including multi-CPU support). Also includes ASIO2.0 and GSIF2 drivers. Note: this version is for 32-bit versions of Windows only.

Previous WaveCenter/PCI Windows x64 Driver (64-bit Windows) win

v3.13 2006-09-15
WcPci_x64_3_13.zip - 926KB
This is the WaveCenter/PCI Windows x64 driver, for machines running 64-bit Windows. Includes full WDM audio and MIDI capabilities, as well as support for both 32-bit and 64-bit applications that use ASIO. Note: this version is for 64-bit versions of Windows only.

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