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“An amazingly useful tool! I had the TranzPort running 5 minutes after taking it out of the box. Once I started using it, I was hooked.”

Bruce Ennis, SONAR user

Quick Facts

  • Wireless DAW control: operate your computer-based digital audio workstation from anywhere in your studio
  • Compatible with Mac® and Windows®
  • Supports Pro Tools®, Logic®, Cubase®, Digital Performer®, Sonar™ and other DAW software applications
  • Two-way interface: get timecode position, track name/number, track volume, pan settings and more via backlit LCD display and LED indicators
  • Uses high-frequency RF technology: no wires or line-of-sight required, and no added interference
  • Dedicated buttons for often-used functions, including transport controls, marker/locate buttons, track control (level, pan, solo, mute, record arm) and more
  • Operates on AA batteries
  • Small, lightweight design
  • Footswitch input
  • Microphone stand mount, custom padded carrying bag, and standard footswitch are available from the on-line store
Pro Audio Review PAR Excellence Award Mix Certified Hit Award EQ Exceptional Quality Award Special Innovation Award Keyboard Key Buy Electronic Musician 2006 Editors Choice 2006 EEC Award Nominee 2007 Remix *Simple Genius* Technology Award

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Steve Jones

Steve Jones is a man who lives with pressure. Pressure to make everything go right every single time. As a seasoned tour veteran and programmer for INXS’s Switch World Tour, “everything” takes on a monumental meaning. On any given day Steve can be found coordinating massive setups in unfamiliar venues, pouring over computer control systems, making sure all their instruments (enough to fill a well stocked pro audio store) are perfectly tuned, or solving last minute equipment glitches in a mind boggling array of gear. And “everything” has to be right when the clock ticks down to show time. That’s why Steve Jones and INXS rely on a TranzPort to help get the job done.

Steve wrote to use with this: “A big thank you to all the Frontier gang! We have been using Tranzport on stage throughout the current INXS world tour. Despite being on a stage filled with radio microphones, guitar wireless systems, wireless in-ear monitors, walkie-talkies, and the odd cell phone, the unit has never … never … missed a beat. It responds every time, no misfires at all, show after show.”

In this business reliability isn’t just helpful, it’s demanded. TranzPort delivers.

Shawn Clement

“The guys at Frontier†have†always created easy to use, top notch reliable gear and now they have broken the mold with†their newest masterpiece, the TranzPort.”

This coming from Shawn Clement, the man who breathed musical life into the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series and is credited with creating the definitive dramatic musical style of the reality show genre. One look at Shawn’s credits will show why ASCAP presented him with the film and television award for Most Performed Underscore in 2000.

Now Shawn has a new assistant: TranzPort.

“This thing is amazing! It allows me total remote control over my gear from anywhere in my studio. It’s especially great when I’m recording live musicians, particularly when I’m recording myself.”

Clement is one of the few composers who is also an accomplished songwriter. While composing for Buffy the Vampire Slayer he also created songs that have reached cult status, as evidenced by the overwhelming response from the show’s aficionados on the Buffy websites.

“I can concentrate on the performers rather than worrying about running back and forth to the computer to punch in and out.†As any composer knows, this kind of freedom in a studio environment has been impossible to create. TranzPort is a dream come true.”

Russell Kunkel

“TranzPort is one of the most useful tools I have ever used.” This comes to us from Russ Kunkel, L.A. session drummer extraordinaire who has a list of album credits larger than most folks entire CD collection. An “A-lister” known for his rock-steady beat and musical sound, Russ has worked in a cross section of styles and artists, spanning from Bob Dylan to Barbara Steisand, from Carly Simon to Jimmy Buffett, from Elton John to Tracy Chapman, and so many more. (Check out Russel’s projects…even that is a much shortened list!)

In his own studio, Russ now relies on TranzPort, which helps him stay in control, stay in the groove, and save time. “Now I can sit at the drum kit and control Digital Performer instead of putting 10 bars of click in the counter and running over to the drums, hopefully in time to catch the beginning of the song.”

TranzPort is a great addition to many studios. For folks like Russ who record themselves using a computer (and who doesn’t, these days?) TranzPort can open up new levels of creativity. And does it work well? Here’s what Russ thinks: “TranzPort works flawlessly, and is easy to set up no matter what music software you use.” He adds “Frontier Design Group, you rock!” Thanks, Russ. Coming from you, that’s huge.

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