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“I absolutely love the Wavecenter/Tango24 combination! I’m using it in conjunction with SAWPlus32, Soundforge and Logic Audio, and it’s glitch-free and sonically superior to anything else I’ve used. ”

Sean McCoy, Oregon Sound Recording

Quick Facts

  • 8 analog outputs and 8 analog inputs
  • Balanced audio I/O on professional 1/4" TRS jacks
  • +4dBu or -10dBV levels, selectable per channel
  • Level meters selectable to inputs or outputs
  • ADAT optical in/out/thru
  • Internal (44.1 or 48 kHz) and external clock modes
  • Word-clock in/out
  • Rugged 1U rackmount enclosure

“Tango is a little different from the other AD/DA converters in this review in that it has eight inputs and outputs. By using an optical interface, it acts pretty much like an ADAT deck, but without the tape transport. This allows your workstation to do true multitrack recording.”

- Mike Sokol, EQ Magazine, October 1998
© 1998, Miller-Freeman, Inc. Used by permission.

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“Devices like the Tango help fill the gap left open by the long-delayed arrival of multichannel soundcards. If you need multiple high quality analog inputs to your computer now and can't afford to wait, or have already invested in a lightpipe based audio card, or mixer such as the Korg 168rc you may wish to consider outboard converters such as the Tango. Korg has some similar devices, but they are only 18 bit and you would need to purchase two of them to get the functionality of the Tango.”

“I can see eventually owning a bunch of these things - they are so useful. For this evaluation, I primarily used the Tango as an input box to add 16 inputs to my system, which is based around a Sonorus Studi/o card and a Korg 168rc digital mixer, fed by a pile of old and new synths, and a few other instruments (Electric/Acoustic guitar, fretless bass, Fender Rhodes).”

“Overall, I think the Tango is a great piece of gear for anyone who has multiple light pipe inputs to their computer, or wants to get 20 bit headroom for their 16 bit ADAT, or for someone who needs more outputs.”

- Joel Braverman, published online in the June 1998 issue of the ProRec Webzine
© 1998, ProRec. Used by permission.

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