Dakota Quote

“I own the WaveCenter and had zero problems in the two years I used it on various computer setups. I Love Your Company. Keep Up The Great Work!”

Chris Damerst, California, Producer

Quick Facts

  • PCI interface card for Mac and PC
  • Compatible with most popular software applications via ASIO
  • GSIF support for GigaSampler and GigaStudio
  • 16 channels ADAT lightpipe in
  • 16 channels ADAT lightpipe out
  • 2-channel S/PDIF on coax or optical cables
  • 2x2 MIDI on standard MIDI cables
  • SMPTE using any compatible digital audio converter and its analog I/O
  • ADAT sync input for sample-accurate, multi-machine sync

Welcome to Dakota

It may look like just another PCI card at first glance. But delve a little deeper, and you'll discover that Dakota is one of the most powerful and highly integrated computer audio production tools you can get today.

One Card, Lots of Connections

Instead of turning to separate devices for digital audio, MIDI and synchronization for your computer, choose Dakota. It provides a full complement of 16 high-performance 24-bit digital audio channels in ADAT Optical "lightpipe" format. Its breakout cable offers interfacing with S/PDIF digital audio I/O on RCA jacks, as well as ADAT 9-pin sync input. Dakota also features two MIDI inputs and two MIDI outputs, as well as an internal CD-ROM digital audio cable for direct transfers of audio CDs. Plus, Dakota's SMPTE and ADAT sync ensure that all of your studio components can stay locked together.

Who Needs It?

Anyone who records, composes or performs music with a computer will benefit from Dakota. It's a great way to connect your digital mixers, tape machines, synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, video decks, sound modules, and more. Dakota is compatible with most popular recording, editing and sequencing software. You can also send audio directly to and from your computer via an external multichannel converter (like our Tango24).

Thirsty for sync? Have a SoDA!

Dakota's audio channels support Frontier Design Group's innovative SoDA (SMPTE on Digital Audio) technology. This unique advantage lets you use any digital audio input or output for SMPTE timecode. Standard audio channels, in either ADAT optical or S/PDIF format, can be defined as SMPTE I/O ports using the Dakota control panel – no additional hardware is required. SMPTE signals are detected, decoded, and delivered digitally to external analog converters. Plus, Dakota's hardware supports SMPTE and MIDI timecode chase-lock, a big benefit over software-based approaches that tax your CPU.

Easy to Install, Easy to Use ... Get to work!

Frustrated of wasting your time configuring your studio's audio, MIDI and sync to work together? Dakota is the answer. Install it in a standard PCI slot in your Mac or PC, and you'll have a superintegrated interface for all your audio needs at your fingertips.

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