iShred LIVE in Action

  • Hot Fuzz - Full Throttle with the guitar

    Guitarist Thiago Etiene rocking with his guitar using iShred Live.

  • Sunshine Diddley Bow

    Making a homemade Diddley Bow and feeding it through iShred LIVE

  • Griffin GuitarConnect Demo

    The cable you need to use iShred LIVE with your musical instrument.

  • Griffin Stompbox Demo

    StompBox gives iShred LIVE a bank of four professional quality user-assignable foot switches. In back, there's an industry-standard 1/4" mono jack to plug in a volume or expression pedal.

  • Recording

    Includes metronome sync'd recording, undo button to undo your previous recording, import backing tracks, export your song and unlimited overdubbing.

  • AutoWah Effect

    Beat-sync'd? Check. Note-sync'd? Yup. Fixed filter mode? You bet. This is one versitile and ***super funky*** pedal!

  • Octavinator Effect

    For bass lines or lead licks, this octave down (or two) pedal has both smooth and synth modes, and a super fun 2D mixing control.

  • Phaser Effect

    What other pedal can be at home both adding shimmer to sweet ballads and super-charging a metal rock lead?

  • Screamer Effect

    Face-melting, ear drum-bursting, burning metal distortion. WARNING: The dirty, crunch noise from this pedal is not for wimps!

  • Adrenaline Effect

    A treble booster for when you need that extra shot. It juices up your sound with up to 18dB of gain that can be swept from 1.4kHz to 4kHz.

  • HK-2000 Effect

    Dial in up to 2 seconds of delay and crank up the REGEN for cavernous echo, or zap the REGEN and reduce the delay to just tens of milliseconds for a classic fat slap sound. Better still, find your own special use.

  • Hot Fuzz Effect

    Add a few bolts of buzz with this electifying distortion. One simple control gets you from a mild tingle to death row zappage!

  • Kömpressör Effect

    Power chords wouldn't be the same without one. Gives you thunderous sustain, or just a mild boost, and everything in between. Now with "Rock Dots™" for an even better sound!

  • Q-36 Space Modulator Effect

    Multi-pattern modulation pedal with an attitude. Six modes, four controls, and a limitless range of sounds to explore. Psychadelic sweeps, mild shimmers, and crazy space warps all at your fingertips.

  • Sybil Effect

    Dual chorus pedal ... lets you hear your evil twin and his cousin! Get the shakes, the glosses, and the warbles of your dreams ... and maybe of your nightmares, too!

  • Trembler Effect

    Shake up your song with a healthy dose of Tremolo. You can use Trembler effect can model classic trem effect units, or your own special blend of modern shaking.

  • Buzz Kill Effect

    Sometimes a little bit of hiss or hum can take the chill right out of your groove. Put Buzz Kill on the case and clean up any unwanted background noise.

  • Amp Simulator Effect

    You also get an Amp Simulator that can play clean, extreme, and everything in between. Dial up the level of overdrive distortion that's just right for your tune.