Topic: sx3 user. When i press rec

sundstrum.j wrote:

Hey!! the tranzport is sent from above but it is just that when i press rec it just says beep ???everything else seems to work. Anyone know?
I have the latest updates and im trying in native mode maybe wrong?
When i press rec the metronome sounds beep! and thats it! where did i go wrong?
I can scroll change track and so on but not record. when i click on the screen it works but not on the Tranzport. Im shure i missed something help please/ Johan

CS:Well I'm not sure but here are a few things to check. I'm also not sure whether you are on a Mac or PC so there may be other factors involved.

1. You mention having the latest updates but does that include both the driver and the control surface plug-in? If you are on a PC they can both be installed by running the latest driver installer. If you are on a Mac then you must download and install the Plug-in separately. These can be found at

2. Do you have the updates to Cubase SX3 installed? You must have at least v3.02.

3. Go to your Cubase/Device Setup/MIDI settings and make sure that TranzPort is NOT enabled as an "All Inputs" device, and that TranzPort is not selected as the input to any of your MIDI tracks.

Try these things and let us know if it works. If you are still having problems please tell us a bit more about your system. Do all of the other functions on the TranzPort work correctly?