Topic: Troubles (with Cubase)

esparka wrote:

Adding the Alpha bundle is not recognized.  I cannot get my Alpha to work.  I have Mac OsX Leopard I use Cubase Studio 4.  Any help would be appreciated.

CS:Hello esparka,

there are a number of possibilities. Here are a few questions that will help us narrow it down.
1. When you connect the AlphaTrack to your computer do you see the icon appear at the top of your screen? ie. If you open the AlphaTrack Manager does it say "AlphaTrack available"?
2. What version of Leopard are you running? OS10.5.2 has USB port recognition problems and should be updated to at least 10.5.3.
3. When you open the Cubase 'Device Setup' panel and click on the "+" symbol in the upper left to add a device, is "Frontier AlphaTrack" in the list at all?
4. If #3 above is 'no' then can you tell us precisely where you placed the Bundle file?
5. If you have more than 1 version of Cubase on your computer the Bundle file must be placed inside the version that you are using. Another common mistake is to place the file into the wrong 'Components' folder. The Cubase/Nuendo Guide has the details for this.
5. Have you downloaded and installed the latest drivers and Cubase control plug-in from the website? The plug-in must be downloaded and installed seperately from the drivers on a Mac.

Hope something here helps. Let us know the answers to these questions and we'll go from there.