Topic: Unresponsiveness in SONAR PE

noonie wrote:

I've been using the AT with SONAR for quite sometime now and have had only small minor issues pop up.

I also use a Novation Remote 25SL occasionally, so I have AutoMap Universal installed and running on the comp. Until recently there have been no conflicts.

I recently upgraded to AutoMAp 2.0 and now have issues. First problem I had :was in a project with the AT working perfectly, I saved an closed that project, and opened another, teh Alpha track stopped responing. It was showing the proper info in the LCD, but none of the controls would respond, touch sensitivity included(ie, LCD didn't change values to touch controls, and they didn't work in SONAR). If I changed the track in SONAR itself, it was reflected in the LCD, still the AT controls weren't responding though. I closed SONAR, went back to the project that it was just working with....same thing, unresponsive. Finally, I uninstalled/reinstalled the drivers in Windows, and that seemed to fix the problem.

A couple days later I went back into the same project....same behavior from the AT, LCD showing info, controls unresponsive.....this time, it happened right from the start. I tried the driver reinstall again, this time it didn't work. So, I tried uninstalling AutoMap 2.0 and wah-lah, problem went away. I reinstalled AutoMAp1.0 and that works fine. I reinstalled AutoMap2.0 and the problems started cropping up again.

So, apparently there is some kind of conflict going on with AutoMap 2.0 and the AT. Just shutting down AutoMap doesn't fix anything, the issues persist.

I can live with using AutoMap 1.0, but 2.0 has some useful features that would be nice to use without having to install/reinstall something everytime I decide to use a different controller.

Any chances of resolving this?

CS:Hello Noonie,

I think if you do a search on the term 'Automap' in our forums you will find several threads from folks with similar issues. There are also a few tips that may help. It may be a setting in the new Automap Server application but I can't be sure.

noonie wrote:

Hi CS,

DOH! Sorry man, I should know better and search first....I just saw that one regarding Logic and it didn't really imply. Anyway, I finally searched and saw your post regarding an updated AutoMap.

Thanks for the quick reply!

CS:No problem Noonie,

we're happy to help any way we can. Let us know if that doesn't (or does) help.