Topic: Limited functionality after mac os re-install

Was working fine, now i can't get it to work with logic (8.0.2), keeps reverting back to native mode. I'm on a mac running 10.4.11 and have frontier 1.3 software installed. Any idea's?

Re: Limited functionality after mac os re-install

Hi toj,

First I would make sure that you don't have any other recording programs open (other than logic). This can cause confusion between apps if they're both wanting to use the AlphaTrack.

Another thing you can try is to try a repair permissions on your Mac by going to go/utility/disk utility/repair disk permissions.

Then try again.

Does the AlphaTrack show up in logic/preferences/control surfaces/setup?


Re: Limited functionality after mac os re-install

Thanks for reply.

Tried it all, no luck. It's showing up in the set-up but without a dedicated graphic (just some synth icon) but i guess that's normal.

Re: Limited functionality after mac os re-install

Hi toj,

Try this...
Launch Logic and go to Logic/Preferences/Control Surfaces/Setup and highlight and delete the AlphaTrack's icon there.


Try going here:

and scroll down to the 'Plug-In' section and grab the 'Logic Plug-In v1.2'.

Then go to your applications folder and locate the 8.02 version of Logic (make sure it's the same version that you're currently using)

Then right click or CTRL+click on the icon (but don't launch it) and select 'show package contents' then select 'contents' and finally 'midi device plug-ins'.

Place the AlphaTrack.bundle file (v1.2) into this 'Midi Device Plug-ins' folder replacing any other versions of an AlphaTrack.bundle that may already exist in there.  Then relaunch Logic and see if that helps.

Otherwise if all this doesn't work you should try deleting your Logic control surface prefs files by doing the following:

Go to your main hard drive/Users/<your name>/Library/Preferences

And delete these two Logic Prefs files and reboot Logic:


Re: Limited functionality after mac os re-install

That nailed it (replacing alphatrack.bundle), well explained. Good to have it working again. Thanks CS.  :)