Topic: Finale and Band in a box

Did Alphatrack work with Finale (makemusic) and Band in a box (pgmusic)?
I'm waiting my new Alphatrack to work with Sonar but I work too with this two other soft
regards  Yannick

best wishes for the recovery from the crash!

Re: Finale and Band in a box

Hello Yannick,

The good news is that AlphaTrack works great with Sonar.

I am not sure about the latest versions of BiaB. The good folks at PG Music have all of the materials to add support for AT. We have not heard if it made it into the 2009 version or not. You can check directly with PG Music on that.

We are not aware of any effort at Finale to support our products however we would welcome it if they did. In the mean time, you may be able to use a program such as Bome's MIDI Translator to create your own control mapping by converting AT's MIDI output into common keystroke shortcuts in Finale.