Topic: Looking for help from Samplitude Users!

dexters wrote:

A few issues I am having with Samplitude 10.

When switching channels, fader mute/solo etc all change to the channel selected, but not plug ins. They remain showing the plug in strip for channel 1.

Pan dosent work, move pan in the DAW and alphatrack will track it, but I cannot adjust pan using alphatrack.

Is there a way to open and close the actual plug in window in plug in mode using slphatrack?

Thanks !! :0)

CS:Hello Dexters,

Are you using Samplitude 10.1? I am not aware of these bugs during our testing of V10.1 but I will forward the report to Magix to check out.


dexters wrote:

I upgraded to 10.1 and those problems are solved, except one..

I still cant seem to open the plug in mode from alphatrack?