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I just got my AlphaTrack and I love it so far but there are two nagging issues that make it tough to use with Record and Reason:

Question 1:  I just want to be able to go through each track in the fader section in Record (by using AlphaTrack's TRACK buttons) and make quick adjustments to the Level and Pan for each track.  This works great on the analog channels but anytime I switch to a track that contains a Reason instrument (Combinator patch, sampler, etc.) I have to use the mouse to adjust the channel fader or the pan.

With some Reason devices (samplers, drum machine) the AlphaTrack fader is mapped to the device's Master Level knob which is an OK alternative to using the fader on the channel strip to control track volume.

But with Combinator instrument patches the AlphaTrack fader and encoders  are mapped to the device's rotary knobs which means I have to use a mouse to control the fader position and pan knob.  Is this normal?  Is there a way around using the mouse to adjust Reason devices?

QUESTION 2: I can't seem to control device parameters using the AlphaTrack unless I right-click, lock it to that device and then unlock it after I tweak the parameters.

The correct track is selected as is the device but I can't tweak the device parameters without locking and unlocking.  Is there a way to adjust parameters directly?

Thanks in advance to anyone who has any information on these issues.  The AlphaTrack is pretty sweet otherwise!

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Re: 2 Propellerhead Record/Reason questions

Thanks. Alas, no reply as of yet.

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Hi grilchy,

For your first question, the best way to do this is described on the top of page 10 of the following document: … aTrack.pdf

If you lock the AlphaTrack to the master channel and then press shift on the AlphaTrack, you'll be able to control all the faders using your AlphaTrack's fader.

For your second question, you should be able to control a devices parameters.

Is the device whose parameters you're trying to control located in the sequencer tracks?  In the middle of page 4 of that document it says the following:

"Remember that by default, sequencer tracks are created only for audio tracks and instrument devices.
Record will create a sequencer track for automation of mixer or effect devices if you hold down [Alt]
(Windows) or [Option] (Mac) when you add the new mixer or effect device."

If this doesn't help, then try to create a fresh small project and insert one specific device (so that I can try to replicate it) and tell me exactly what device it is and what you expect it to control.


Re: 2 Propellerhead Record/Reason questions

Thanks very much for the reply.  Those are the solutions I was looking for!  Sorry I didn't read the manual deep enough.  I appreciate your time and now my love affair with the AlphaTrack is truly fulfilled!