Topic: Logic Pro & AT Questions

Loving the Alphatrack but there a couple of small issues.

1. F4 turns on AutoPunch - How do I turn this off.

2. How do I set one of the spare F-Keys to "Save"

Thanks for the help


Funky Transport

Re: Logic Pro & AT Questions

Hi funkytransport,

If you go to Logic/Preferences/Key commands.

Then type in the key command's search box "punch.  Then you'll see a list to the left.

"Set Punch out locator by playhead."

Click on that and to the right under 'Assignments' you'll see "AlphaTrack: F4" or something like that.  If you click on it and delete that then you should be able to turn that 'off'.

If you want that back you'll have to go to Logic/Preferences/Control Surfaces/Rebuild Defaults.

If you want f4 to save, go back to the key commands and type 'save' in the search there.  Then click on 'save' on the list to the left.  Then click on 'learn assignment' and press the AlphaTrack's f4 button and then exit the key commands.  Now f4 will save your Logic project.