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since the last post we've made sure we have the latest drivers etc. etc. Nothing's working......WOW this software/hardware combo has been around since '07..........THE BUGS AREN'T WORKED OUT????
Have you guys seen the Presonus unit??? .......this is real BS........we've wasted 5 hours trying to make this thing work ( IT DOESN'T EVEN COME WITH A USERS MANUAL???) when we coulda been making music!!!
We're taking it back tomorrow for our refund unless it comes together TOMORROW!!!

I just purchased the Alpha Track and can't seem to get it to work on Garageband.  I saw that I have to put it in "Logic" mode if I'm using garageband.  On the drop down icon I'm not given the option.
My choices are: Alpha Native Track, Pro Tool (HUI), Final Cut Pro (MCU), and Soundtrack Pro (MCU).
I put the bundle in in the midi plug-ins in garageband and started garageband but still it isn't working.

*Macbook Pro, Garageband 4.1.2

Any help you could give me would be most appreciated.

Re: alphatrack on garageband

Hi takastone,

I replied to your prior post:
Hi takastone,

If you click on the AlphaTrack icon and go into the AlphaTrack manager what version shows up there?

And does it say "AlphaTrack Available" there as well?

What OS are you running?

Also, when you say, "isn't working", does anything show up on the LCD of the AlphaTrack.  If you go to you can download this program called midimonitor.  Launch it and make sure 'AlphaTrack' is selected under 'Sources'.  Then move the AlphaTrack knobs and confirm that data show up in the midi input window.  This will at least test to see if your computer is recognizing the AlphaTrack's movements.