Topic: How to made on screen the plugs?!?!

Hi guys I'm new owner of Aplhatrack and I use it under Cubase 5 and PT, I'm wondering how to make appear on screen the plugs of a specifical if I press the 'window' button under Cubase on screen appear the generic window for edit parameters (the win with EQ), if I have for example an EQ in insert by SSL i.e. how can I make appear that on screen?!?!
Hope to be clear in meaning...and sorry for my english....
Thanx bye!!

Re: How to made on screen the plugs?!?!

Hi fenders,

I think this largely depends on the program you're using.  In ProTools for example, if you had a track with 3 plug-ins (on A,B and C inserts).  Then you'll need to go to the mix window in ProTools and open one of the plugins yourself through ProTools.  Then when you switch between the different plug-ins on the AlphaTrack the window should put that plug-in on the foreground of your computer display so you can see what you're changing.  But you have to open the first plug.

I'm not exactly sure about Cubase I'll have to try it out but it may be the same.