Topic: Ipad apps transferrable to Ipad 2?

ipad 2 case apps transferrable to Apple Accessories?

I want to get an ipad 2 but I have sunk so much money into apps for my iPad2 cases and Im not sure if I can redownload them for the ipad 2 or not. Can anyone who had an ipad and got an ipad 2 comment on the process?


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Re: Ipad apps transferrable to Ipad 2?

Hi anypats,

It sounds like you want to be reassured that you can use the apps that you purchased on your non iPad2 devices to be usable on an iPad2.  If you try downloading them again make sure you use the same account that you used to buy them. It may appear that you're 'purchasing' them again because an ios alert will pop up asking if you're sure you want to purchase but once you get past that screen you'll be able to download the app without purchasing.