Topic: Output shows as inactive in Cubase

I just upgraded Cubase from version 5 to 6 and Windows from XP to 7.  In Device setup in Cubase the Alphatrack out port is showing as inactive and I canèt activate it - any ideas.

Ive tried reinstalling the driver with no luck. Im at a loss


Re: Output shows as inactive in Cubase

Hi DS,

You can try hitting the 'reset' button on that window to see if that helps.

Otherwise, try clicking on 'Frontier AlphaTrack' under "Remote Devices".

Does the midi input and midi output dropdown boxes have 'Frontier Design AlphaTrack' listed there?  If not, this should be selected.

Is the AlphaTrack icon on the taskbar set to 'native' mode?  You can check by right clicking the Alphatrack icon.