Topic: How to zoom in Cubase 5?

Hi, I am a new Alphatrack user, using with Cubase 5 32bit (latest update) on win7 64bit. No issues with general control, seems to work exactly as advertsied. There is one function that I really want though...the ability to zoom in and out of the main project window using the AT.

I have seen this video of someone doing it, so I know it's possible, but please could someone istruct me on how to set it up as I dont know where to start!
I use plenty of MIDI equipment, (hardware synths and controllers mainly) so I have a fairly good understanding of the processes, I just need help with this one.

Re: How to zoom in Cubase 5?


Come on guys, this must be a relatively straight forward thing, surely?
Moderators etc PLEASE HELP.

Re: How to zoom in Cubase 5?

Hi Blunt,

That functionality isn't built into the 'native' protocol and the touch strip isn't a mappable control in the device setup. So there must be some loophole that he's using.  Quick controls seem to be specific to tracks so I wasn't able to accomplish it that way.

He could be using some sort of midi-translating software like Bome's midi translator.  Or maybe there are some features in Cubase that allows him to do that but I haven't found it yet. I can keep checking but you might want to ask the guy who shot the video how he did this.


Re: How to zoom in Cubase 5?

Thanks. I tried last night to map but it will only let me use f3 and f4 i think (or other buttons + shift), but not channel strip, you're right. I appreciate your help and swift response. :)