Topic: Big Meter Mode with Logic 8 ?

rmackinn wrote:


Could someone tell me if Big Meter Mode works with Logic 8 ?  I have seen an article by Remix Magazine which states pressing "Shift + Rec toggles the Tranzport display into Big Meter mode" but the article refers to Logic Pro 7, and doesn't work (at least on my Tranzport) using Logic 8.    I am using version 1.4.2 firmware on the Tranzport and version 8.0.2 Logic.


CS:Hello rmackinn,

I'm not sure about the Remix article that you are referring too but 'Big Meter' mode is not available in all applications. Because Apple wrote the TranzPort plug-in for Logic it doesn't have that feature. Cubase/Nuendo, SONAR and Pro Tools do have the Big Meter mode.