Topic: Novation Nocturn / Alphatrack Combi Cubase 5.5


I bought  the Novation Nocturn and now I have a problem with that or  with my existing Alpha Track.  The Alpha Track receives  data but does not send back  to Cubase 5.5.2.  Alpha Track is on  the latest software version.  What can be the problem?


Re: Novation Nocturn / Alphatrack Combi Cubase 5.5

Hi couchmaster,

First, I would go to Cubase's 'device setup' window, and click on the AlphaTrack under 'Remote Devices'.  After you click on it to the right there should be 2 dropdown boxes: one for midi in and one for midi out.  Both of these should be set to 'AlphaTrack'.  I'd start there.


Re: Novation Nocturn / Alphatrack Combi Cubase 5.5

I've had the Nocturn in combination with the Alphatrack a few years ago and from what I remember, they where not exactly friends.

I also remember it really made a difference in which order I installed the two devices, to make it work properly.

Unfortunately I can tell the exact order, simply because I forgot.

I had the Nocturn next to my AKAI MPK49 and Alphatrack.
I also recall I had to disable the Nocturn's midi out otherwise my Cubase crashed on exit.

Don't know if this applies on your situation, but maybe it is of some use.