Topic: AlphaTrack display backlight

Hi there

I think the backlight of my Alphatrack's display has gone as it is very dark, irrespective of whether I set it to low or high using  Shift/Stop.

I was wondering if this was a common issue and how I could go about getting it repaired?

For info purposes, I'm using Sonar X1 on Windows 7 X64, and driver version 1.0.4.



Edit: I've tried my Alphatrack on a 32-bit Windows XP system with Sonar 7 and am experiencing the same thing. The display just isn't as bold and bright as it used to be. :(

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Re: AlphaTrack display backlight

Hi stevenpanter,

It sounds like there may be a hardware issue.  I'd contact and see if it can be sent in for repair.  If the backlight settings don't affect it then my guess is a hardware issue.