Topic: How to set asio resolution to 24 bits

mooky ti wrote:

Hi there! someone to help me!
i can't find in the dakota control panel/system tab the "asio resolution : 16 or 24 bit" as  shown in the updatenotes pdf document, in this place there is an option called "enable WDM ... stereo or multichannel interleaved" which affects nothing in the spdif output. I don't know if i downloaded the right driver, the last driver i downloaded is "", if this driver is wrong, please tell me where to find the right driver, if i need something else, Please help me! Thanks.

CS:Hello Mooky_ti,

When using Asio, the Dakota will automatically follow whatever width your DAW application is set to. There is no longer a setting on the Dakota itself. Likewise the sample-rate will be set by the DAW when it is clock master. If it is chasing an incoming clock, it will select that rate as well.