Topic: AlphaTrack & Renoise Integration (beta testers required)

Hi all,

I am the owner of one of the very useful AlphaTrack devices.  Recently I have moved over to Renoise as my music making software.  However, I was disappointed with the ability to integrate the hardware into the software (although, not surprised as it is niche software at the moment).

Recently version 2.6 of Renoise has been released and this allows the entire program to be scripted through Lua.

Using this facility I have written a third party Renoise Tool to provide dedicated AlphaTrack integration into Renoise.

I have been working on this for the past 3-4 weeks and the final beta version is now available on the Renoise forums.

I would greatly appreciate it if some of you fellow owners could download the Renoise 2.6 Demo (or the registered version if you own the software), install my tool and give me some feedback.

You can read more about Renoise here and download the Renoise 2.6 demo here.

My AlphaTrack tool can be downloaded from the Renoise forums here.

Any feedback welcomed.

Thanks in advance,