Topic: how to use "RTZ, END, ESC, ENTER, MODE" ?

coil wrote:


i have my alphatrack just a week and i really love it ;-)

perhaps a very stupid question, but there is something i`ve found nowhere in all the manuals:

above the transport buttons are some labels (RTZ, END, ESC, ENTER, MODE), how can i use these functions ?

i think ESC and ENTER could be cool when a saving dialog appears and MODE seams to be only the red LED for the recording mode, but what means RTZ and END and how can i use these functions (shift seams not to do the trick) ?

btw. i use the alphatrack with logic 8


CS:Hello Coil,

not such a stupid question really. The labels above the buttons represent 'Shifted' functions that are commonly used for these buttons. BUT, they do not apply equally to all applications. We tried to pick the most used labels but unfortunately not all programs support the same set of commands in their remote control abilities.  Also, since we wrote some of the software interfaces, and individual DAW manufacturers wrote some of their own, it wasn't possible to keep them the same in all cases.

So, in the case of Logic 8, Apple has 2 layers of control. Logic has an external control code set that we have to pick from. From that we picked the best set of initial controls that we could based on our experience and feedback from users in the field. In addition to that, Logic has a panel called 'Controller Assignments'. This allows the individual user to further customize control surface behavior and perhaps pick a few functions that better fit their personal desire. So if you are, or become, a skilled user of the Controller Assignments panel you may be able to tweak your AlphaTrack. It can be a bit intimidating at first but the thing to remember is, selecting "Rebuild Defaults" from the Prefs/Control Surfaces menu will always reset it back to the original command set.

I hope this long-winded reply helps to answer your question.


coil wrote:

ok, i`m really satisfied with the basic layout for logic and was just wondering about the description above the transport buttons, that`s all.

thanks a lot for your answer.