Topic: PT8 doesnt recognize alphatrack

I have a Behringer BCF2000 and the AT as my controllers.  When i updated to pro tools 8 they both stopped working as the controller dll wasn't included.  I downloaded the required files and now the BCF2000 works and the AT doesnt.

The AT is set to hui mode. I have tried both 1.2 & 1.3 versions of the driver.

When I go into setup>peripherals>midi controllers>HUI
receive from does NOT list the AT
Send to DOES recognize AT [Emulated]

Pro tools 8.0.4.cs2

Is there a fix for this issue?

Re: PT8 doesnt recognize alphatrack

Hi raggedyjack,

If you right click on the ProTools icon are you able to select 'run as administrator?  If so, try that and see if you get better results.


Re: PT8 doesnt recognize alphatrack

That's not an available option under XP. I have tried Run as... but I am the only user and even with prevent changes unticked it still didn't detect

Re: PT8 doesnt recognize alphatrack

fixed. turned of DED and now its all good