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Last night I loaded Mixcraft 5 onto my main Win 7 64 DAW computer.  That computer has an RMP HDSP 9652 and an RME Fireface 800 (I usually configure the HDSP for ASIO and the Fireface for WDM).  Anyway, after I got Mixcraft 5 installed I noticed that it was defaulting to selecting a random channel pair from the HDSP as the default record and playback sources.  Everybody knows that RME has no WaveRT drivers so I thought it wouldn't work.  I tried it, and surprise, surprise, it worked!  The latencies were respectable, <4ms when playing a softsynth.  So, befuddled, I thought, maybe this is a solution for getting multi-track audio accross the studio from my DAW to my multimedia computer that has a Dakota interface (which has been rendered dormant since I upgraded from Vista to Win 7). 

So, I installed Mixcraft on the Video computer and sure enough it found the Dakota ADAT ports (as well as the S/PDIF).  I configured Mixcraft for recording 16 simultaneous audio tracks and I set SONAR to play 16 channels that I sent via my APACHEs to the Dakota.  This worked flawlessly.  I then played a stereo track (Mixcraft can only output to 2 channels at any one time) from the multimedia computer, through the Front L&R of the DAW surround monitor setup.  It worked that way, also.

So, the point of this is not that everybody should drop their $800 DAW software and run out and buy Mixcraft (about $69), but that all of our old Frontier Design legacy stuff may be made obsolescence free if the DAW people start vigorously supporting WaveRT.  I mean, if Mixcraft can do this, so should any other audio software that costs 10x as much.

Also, if you handle audio the way I do, using Mixcraft may provide a solution to using your legacy Frontier Design cards in Win 7.

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Hi There,

i saw your post about mixcraft 5 and running dakota on windows 7 64-bit.

just curious, were you are to record straight audio tracks through the dakota or are you using the mixcraft 5 for midi?

i have never been able to get any analog audio to record properly through dakota and tango24 with any windows 64-bit OS.

So i would be very curious if you did record audio in windows 7 64-bit, what is your setup?

Keep in mind i have no issues at all with Windows 7 32-bit in both midi and recording straight audio and would pay to get drivers made to work for windows 7 64-bit

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If you are asking if I can record audio to disk in Win-7 64 using Mixcraft as a digital recorder, then the answer is yes.  Otherwise I have no idea what "were you are to record straight audio tracks" means.

In my studio I have 4 computers that make use of multichannel audio.  First is my main DAW. It runs Win 7-64.  In it is a RME HDSP 9256 (3-ADAT I/O), and an RME Fireface-800 (another 3-ADAT IO).  I use SONAR 8.5 Producer as my current DAW environment.  Also on the DAW side of the studio is another computer that has a Dakota/Montana combination and runs Win 7-64.  I do a lot of audio editing in that computer, so, although SONAR is loaded on it, I mostly use it for running Sound Forge and WaveLab.  It also has the external KARMA software for controlling my M3 (which is what I use it for most of the time when I'm not editing audio on it.  Finally, I have another computer near my work desk that I use for multimedia production.  Although all of my web development stuff is in there, I mostly use it for video work.  I use Vegas Pro 9 as my current NLE, and since Vegas is even more powerful than Sound Forge for some audio work (especially as multitrack audio is used for producing 5.1 or 7.1 soundtracks for video).  That computer has a Wavecenter PCI card.

My 'work' computer on which I do office stuff, do any connecting with the internet I do,  and play around with musical ideas has an Echo Gina 3G interface also with 1 ADAT I/O.

In addition I have a Behringer 3216 digital console with the add on ADAT card so it has 2 ADAT I/O.  In addition I have 3 Behringer ADA-8000s each with one ADAT I/O.

All the ADAT I/O goes into 2 APACHE ADAT patch bays so I can switch the gozintas and gozottas.

Basically, I can get ADAT audio from anything to anything in the studio through the APACHEs.  So, to get to the point.... Everything was working fine when all the computers in the studio ran Vista.  When I updated everything to Win 7, I lost support and adequate drivers for the Frontier Design cards.  This meant that I couldn't use the Wavecenter PCI for moving audio off the DAW into the Multimedia computer across the room.  So, for about 5 months I resigned myself to the fact that everything would have to be transferred by memory stick.

As I said in the opening post.  I successfully transferred 8-channels of audio from the DAW to both the Multimedia Computer (Wavecenter PCI) and to the other computer (Dakota Montana, to which I actually sent 32 channels).  It all worked.

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Hi Mosspa,

Thanks for the response.

I had to read your post a few times over and tried to draw a diagram to understand your setup.

I appreciate the efforts on the feedback.

Correct me if i am wrong, it sounds like you are moving audio around between systems via ADAT for multitracking which i am not familiar with.

But if i understand this correctly, moving audio via ADAT is not the same is recording analog audio direclty to (LINE IN 1 and 2) on the tango24/dakota.  If you are moving audio around via ADAT then you are really just using the lightpipe to move the data around and not doing direct analog recording from an analog source such as a turntable via DJ mixing board.  Also bouncing audio from your soundboard such as Yamaha o1v to your ADAT recording using dakota as a smtpe sync is also not the same as direct audio recording.

i only use one computer system to produce house music.

- dakota connected to 2 x tango24 --> output channel B7 & B8 --> goes to my yamaha o1v - 1/4" analog channel 15/16 ----> yamaha o1v monitor output ---> sony amp via yamaha NS10 near field monitors

- technics SL-1200 mkII ---> connect to Pioneer DJM-500 (4 channel DJ mixer) output ----> tango24 (input A1 & A2)

- the yamaha o1v is only used to listen thru my NS10
- i use soundforge to record audio samples from vinyl
- i use sony acid 7 pro to do all the production/arrangement internal will no out-board gear or mixdown (with some acceptions to my filter factory)

therefore all the audio is done internally. even the mdi is dumped down to audio format. 

again everything seems to work accept for recording any analog recodings thru the tango24.

gotta run, but will comeback to finish off...

Re: Win 7 Mixcraft and WaveRT... Dakota Lives!!!

Hey Folks,

Really need your help,

I have the same problem with my Analog Recording (input): My setup DAW with 64bit Win 7 and Dakota / Montana and a ZULU (simple 4 in 8 out rca - and Optical in/out) Im connected through optical and have using my R/L Keyboard as well as Mic to RCA In  1, 2, 3, 4 have R/L out to my powered speakers. When I try to record through Analog inputs it does not work, I used the Software that comes with the Card to route the sound but nothing, can someone help on how to get this working to be able to get sound recorded in Cubase as Audio and not Midi.

Thanks for all the help, Ive struggling to get this working and been trying / buying other hardware, but I would like to get this working....... Please help.

- Frank