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I know Tranzport is discontinued but my friend does vocals and records himself.  When i told him about Tranzport, he was excited and i brought my tranzport over to his setup.  I have a Mac and the Tranzport works like a charm, however he has a PC running 32-bit/Vista.

I d/led the drivers for Vista and everything installed correctly.  The Tranzport is able to play, rewind, record...all functions work but the screen on the Tranzport itself is blank except for a little arrow in the bottom right of the screen.  Is there a solution for this?

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Hi stevestooch,

If you're confident the drivers installed correctly I'd just make sure that the TranzPort is configured properly in your friend's recording application. 

What recording application is he using?


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He is using Pro Tools 8.0.3.

It's really strange, the tranzport works correctly, but nothing shows up on the Tranzport's screen so in essence he's just flying blind, which kinda defeats the purpose of the tranzport.

Is there a setting I may have messed up that would cause information to not show up on the Tranzport's screen?

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First, I would make sure that you launch ProTools by right clicking on the icon and selecting 'Run as Administrator'.

Of course prior to launching ProTools you should make sure the TranzPort manager's icon is set to 'HUI' mode.

Once in ProTools go to setup/peripherals and click on the 'midi controllers' tab and make sure that the "TYPE" is set to "HUI" and that the "SEND TO" and "RECEIVE FROM" are both set to "TRANZPORT".

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I did everything except selecting "Run as Administrator".  I will go try that out and report back.
Thanks for the suggestion.