Topic: Dakota x64 bit OS (Win7, vista 64, xp 64) not work for recording audio

Hi Everyone,

I have a Dakota since 1999 and love it.

Recently i am been needing to Windows 7 64 bit because of adobe premiere plus increase of ram (16GB).

The problem i am running into from day one with dakota 64-bit driver is that it installs fine, playback fine, but when i comes down to recording, it seems like it is recording the audio source fine, but when i play it back all i get is digial sound, like time code sounds or when a cd is badly scratched and all you hear is digital noise.

I tried installing x64 bit on mulitple OS
- windows XP pro 64-bit
- Windows Vista 64-bit
- Windows 7 64-bit

I also tried multiple machines-
- dell precision 490
- dell dimension e520
- white box with Asus motherboard
- HP DC5800
- HP DC7100CMT
- IBM ThinkCentre 8810

current setup:

Dell precision 490
- 16GB ram
- dual physical cpu xeon 5150 (2.66Ghz) dual core
- dakota sound card
- 2 tango24
- 640GB hard-drive - (raid 1)

clock status is set to 44.1, using the optical setting on both tango24

now when it comes down to windows 7 32-bit not problem and generally i would not complain.

but again recently i need to do a video which means i needed to install adobe premiere cs5.  unfortunately it will only install on 64-bit OS.

furthermore microsoft has announced that windows 7 is the LAST 32-BIT OS they will release.  In 2 years windows 8 will come out, only in 64-bit OS.

I would hope that someone out there has a solution for this or support will have a new driver to fix this issue.

Also i would hope that someone out there has their dakota working properly in 64-bit OS including recording audio from analog source and playing it back successfully.  If you do please post your specs to the specific make and model of the motherboard.

According the support they said it works and i have yet to receive their specs that they tested on.

Please help!!!