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I posted this same problem recently.  It was resolved by downloading and installing 1.05.  Things have been working perfectly.  I have upgraded to OS 10.6.3.  I don't believe i have made any other changes since the last time I used the tranzport.  Now, I am back where I was at the beginning of the last post.  When I plug in to the usb port, I get the remote to link up.  The tranzport manager appears in the toolbar and I have set it to native.  DP allows me to send and receive midi to the tranzport.  However, even though the driver (tranzportub.bundle) is in the motu control surface folder, it doesn't appear as an option in the control surface window of dp and I don't get any control of dp or information in the tranzport window.  Helpp!


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Hi Albedo,

I'm using DP 7.12 on a Mac OS 10.6.3 and it's all working for me.  One thing I would make sure of is that you placed the TranzPortUB.bundle plug-in file into the correct folder on your mac:

Your Main Drive/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/MOTU Control Surface

If it's there and it still doesn't work then I suppose it's possible you're using the 64-Bit kernel on your mac.  Unfortunately the latest mac drivers don't support the 64-Bit kernel (only 32-Bit). 

If you are using the 64-Bit kernel I'd switch it back to 32-Bit just to confirm that it works.  We are currently in the process of updating the Mac drivers for TranzPort and AlphaTrack so they can be used in the 64-Bit kernel.  Check back periodically to our downloads page for the update:

Thanks for your patience and support.



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I am having similar issues:
I am running DP 6.02 on an Intel Quad 2.66/4GB and I cannot get TranzPort to work.

HD>Library>Audio>Midi Drivers>TranzportMIDIDriver.plugin [v.1.4.2]
HD>Library>Audio>Plug Ins>MOTU Control Surface>TranzPortUBBundle
[v. 1.05]

Since I do not see the Tranzport Manager in the Toolbar, I booted it from the Applications menu, and the Mgr Status indicates:

TranzPort not available.

I did the installs, and can't seem to figure out what I've done wrong.

Suggestions, anyone????

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Hi everyone,

I'm making my rounds to let everyone know that updated drivers (now supporting the 64-Bit kernel) are now available for AlphaTrack (v1.4) and TranzPort (v1.4.3) on our site:

Don't forget to unplug your device prior to installing the drivers.