Topic: installing on macpro

I downloaded the latest driver and installed it. DP 7 is not responding to the alphatrack.

OS 10.6.3
alphatrack V1.3

Where should the driver be placed?

Re: installing on macpro

The latest DP plug-in  "DP 5 Plug-In v1.01" which is available here:

should go here:

Open your main system drive and go to the "Library/Audio/Plug-ins/MOTU Control Surface” folder.

Then you should be able to configure the AlphaTrack in DP by opening the Setup/Control Surface Setup window. Click on the ‘+’ symbol to add a device to your configuration. Under Driver select “AlphaTrack” from the available device list. For the MIDI option select “Frontier Design AlphaTrack -16”.  You will also need to be in 'native' mode in the AlphaTrack manager.