Topic: Problem with Live Intro 8.1.3.


I have been having problems with the Live Intro 8.1.3 (I am using iMac).
Specifically, if I have the alphatrack connected, the Live Intro crashes often when I create a new track.  In some cases, I could save the file after creating a new track, but just opening that save file later on causes a computer freeze, and I have to force-shut-down the computer and start again.  This problem goes away, if I don't connect the alphatrack.

I have sent bug reports on this issue to Ableton.  But I am suspicious that the alphatrack may be the problem.  (Since the driver software hasn't been updated for ages.)

I am curious if anyone els is having the same problem.



Re: Problem with Live Intro 8.1.3.

Hi sat,

I just loaded Ableton 8.1.3 with the AlphaTrack and didn't experience any crashes.  I've yet to try it on a mac but make sure that you have the latest drivers from our site:


Re: Problem with Live Intro 8.1.3.

Hi CS,

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I use the latest driver.
And I am still having problems.

I suspect it may have to do with the current iMac models.
I did not have any crashes when I used the MacBook.