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I ordered an AlphaTrack a couple of days ago but got a message saying they were out of stock and not expected until the end of June or early July.  I've been trying to find one since then and they seem to be out of stock everywhere. 

Are they still being made?  They aren't being phased out for a new model are they?  I really want one but I don't want to buy a model at the end of it's life when something new and improved is being introduced.

Edit: found one on eBay and snagged it.  It seems to be impossible to find a new one.

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Re: AlphaTrack out of stock everywhere!

Good you found one!

lkingston wrote:

It seems to be impossible to find a new one.

At this moment the Alphatrack is available @ Thomann
Don't know if that's in your region though!

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Re: AlphaTrack out of stock everywhere!

Well I got the Alphatrack today.  It seemed to work pretty well but the calibration wasn't perfect.  I tried the calibration routine and now it doesn't work at all.  Calibration is supposed to look like this:

On mine, the fader goes up a millimeter or two then slams back down.  When I try to use it with software (Propellerheads Record or Pro Tools) all the throw in the fader is at the bottom.

It seems that I have the same problem as everyone else.  I hate to give the guy who sold it to me bad feedback because it was working ok before I tried calibrating it.  I believe he sold it to me thinking it was fine.

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I talked to Frontier Designs tech support and the tech there told me that usually fader problems such as the one I experienced are due to cold solder joints.  He suggested I reflow all the solder joints at the points where the wires attached to the fader and motor.  I did this and now it is working perfectly.

Edit.  Unit died again but reflowing the connections again fixed it again.  This time I was more careful.  Hopefully this time will last.

Very cool device when all is working.

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Re: AlphaTrack out of stock everywhere!

Nice move to post how to repair the device, Ikingston - and it's nice from Frontier's customer support to tell you how to do it.

But in any event, I think it's not ok to leave the repair to the customer, even if the warranty period is over. It's obvious that the issue is known to Frontier - and I'm maintaining my statement that a whole series of Alphatracks is affected.

I'm still wondering if it's out of stock everywhere because of that issue (could imagine that retailers don't like the fact that a bunch of people are sending it back) or if Frontier is planning on a new and improved device....

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My guess is that the (new and improved device) is going to be some virtual controller iPad app.

Sorry but I would rather have a real fader and hardware labeled buttons.

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We expect more AlphaTracks to arrive sometime in June.  If you are interested in locating stores near you that may have AlphaTrack in stock you can email and we can provide you with a list of stores who still have AlphaTracks in stock.

As for the repair, we prefer to perform the repairs for our customers but since the AlphaTracks are a relatively inexpensive product doing the repairs (plus shipping costs) can add up.  So if a customer is willing to do this, we're willing to give them the instructions. Since it's not a very difficult repair we tend to leave it up to the customer.


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I'm selling my alphatrack, only used in the studio when working with piano reordings.
I can't use it anymore with logic 64 bit

grtz. Jim